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Scripta Classica POLISH

Scripta Classica

e-ISSN 2353-9771

Vol. V (2008)
online version (CEEOL)

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Vol. VI (2009)
online version (CEEOL)

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Vol. VII (2010)
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Vol. VIII (2011)
online version (CEEOL)

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Vol. IX (2012)
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Vol. X (2013)
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Vol. XI (2014)
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  • The journal profile
    Scripta Classica is a peer-reviewed annual journal, appearing on the official Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) list since 2013. It contains publications written by specialists in different fields, such as ancient literature and culture, as well as tradition and reception of antiquity (Neo-Latin, Byzantine literature and later periods up to contemporary times). The journal has also published translations of texts, which have not been yet rendered into Polish. Is was founded in 2004 in the Department of Classical Philology at University of Silesia in Katowice by Professors Tadeusz Aleksandrowicz and Tomasz Sapota. The journal appears within the “Classical Philology” series and is addressed to classical philologists, students of literature and language, philosophers, historians, theologians and students of religion, as well as everyone with an interest in antiquity and its tradition.
  • Scientific committee
    Dr Peter J. Forshaw (University of Amsterdam) p.j.forshaw@uva.nl
    Prof. Bardo Gauly (Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt) bardo.gauly@ku.de
    Prof. dr Wouter J. Hanegraaff (University of Amsterdam) W.J.Hanegraaff@uva.nl
    Dr hab. Zbigniew Kadłubek, prof. U¦ kadlubek@pseudonim.pl
    Dr hab. Przemysław Marciniak, prof. U¦ przemysław.marciniak@us.edu.pl
    Dr Gregory Tokarski (Oakland University) gtokarski@hotmail.com
    Prof. Dott. Marco Zanasi (Universita di Roma Tor Vergata) marco.zanasi@icloud.com
  • Editorial board
    Dr hab. Tadeusz Aleksandrowicz prof. U¦ -- thematic tematyczny, red. vol. 5 i 9, tadeusz.aleksandrowicz@us.edu.pl
    Dr hab. Anna Kucz -- editor-in-chief, red. vol. 8 i 10, anna.kucz@us.edu.pl
    Dr Agata Sowińska -- publishing editor
    Dr Anna Szczepaniak – editor vol. 11 a.m.szczepaniak@gmail.com
    Dr Patrycja Matusiak -- editor vol. 12 patrycja.matusiak@us.edu.pl
    Dr hab. Tomasz Sapota -- editor vol. 1-4, 6, 7, tomaszsapota@gmail.com
    Prof. dr Bruce Duncan MacQueen -- language editor bdmacqueen@gmail.com
    Mgr Moises Delgado -- language editor mohudega@gazeta.pl
    Dr Claudio Salmeri -- language editor clasalmeri@gmail.com
  • Contact details
    Katedra Filologii Klasycznej U¦
    plac Sejmu ¦l±skiego 1, pokój 117
    Tel.: 510 037 187
  • ISSN 1732-3509
  • Ethical policy

  • Authors guidelines

  • Reviewing policy
    All submissions to Scripta Classica, from volume 11 (2014) onwards are subject to peer-review by two established specialists in the relevant field. The editors must always inform the author of an article or translation about the content of the report. The readers are chosen from different academic centres than the author’s. The reports are always concluded with a clear suggestion as to the acceptance or rejection of a submission for publication in Scripta Classica. The authors are obliged to include in the text modifications suggested by referees.
  • Referees
    Prof. Remo Bracchi
    Prof. Adam Goldwyn
    Prof. zw. dr hab. Jerzy Styka
    Prof. dr hab. Nicholas V. Sekunda
    Prof. zw. dr hab. Marian Szarmach
    Prof. zw. dr hab. Elżbieta Wesołowska
    Prof. dr hab. Hubert Wolanin
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